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Home Inspection Relevancy

Do I need a Home Inspection? The answer is Yes, because, a home is one of the largest purchases the average American will ever make, the buyer should know exactly what they are purchasing. A Home Inspection performed by an expert Home Inspector, can help avoid costly surprise repairs and potential problems. Think of it, as the “test drive”, for your new home. Above this, the inspection report will also advise you of the maintenance items to be expected as a home owner. Many of our customers have reciprocated to the effect that their report, gave them a clear picture of what they were buying, and what they were to expect in the years to come.

For those who plan on selling, a Pre-Sale Inspection will help point out issues with the home that may be uncovered later by the buyers inspector. Finding these items early will allow you to fix them before listing, ensuring a faster and smoother sale.





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